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Proximity technology, in particular Bluetooth beacons, are a major source of business opportunity and this book provides everything you need to know to architect a solution to capitalize on that opportunity. Learn the key standards--iBeacon, Eddystone, Bluetooth 4.0, AltBeacon—and how they work with other proximity technologies. Then build your understanding of the proximity framework and how to identify and deploy the best solutions for your own business, institutional, or consulting needs.

Kris Kolodziej of IndoorLBS was a contributor to this book along with others including:

  • Anke Audenaert, CEO, Favrit
  • John Coombs, CEO, Rover Labs
  • Theresa Mary Gordon, Co-Founder, tapGOconnect
  • Kris Kolodziej, Founder, IndoorLBS
  • Patrick Leddy, CEO, Pulsate
  • Ben Parker, VP Business Development, AccelerateIT
  • Mario Proietti, CEO, Location Smart
  • Ray Rotolo, SVP OOH, Gimbal
  • Kjartan Slette, COO, Unacast
  • Jarno Vanto, Partner, Borenius Attorneys LLP
  • David Young, Chief Engineer, Radius Networks
  • Foreword by Asif Khan, President LBMA

About the book:

  • Digital Physical Convergence – Learn the implications of this disruptive force and the new applications it makes possible.
  • Standards – Learn the key standards that solutions developers need to understand to capitalize on the opportunity: iBeacon, Eddystone, Bluetooth 4.0, AltBeacon.
  • Beacon Networks – A new phenomenon that is not well understood but will be hugely significant in terms of driving strategic decisions and creating wealth.
  • Other Technologies: Beacons are a catalyst for the creation of a Proximity ecosystem; technologies like visual light communication, magnetic resonance, and RFID are key tools that complement the strengths and weaknesses of Bluetooth beacons. Understanding these is key to architecting a successful solution.
  • The Beacosystem framework: The method of structuring the analysis of this ecosystem. Included at the top layer are the applications. You’ll learn a systematic way of understanding the solutions that beacons can enable.