This work has been in "stealth mode" for the past year and half and was recently announced to have big customers like United* and American Airlines. There are other un-announced customers in the airport industry and 25 airports have been mapped thus far. 

This technology has a competitive advantage when it comes to indoor mapping.  It produces beautiful vector maps from what's called "reality data capture" technology and is better than leveraging map files of venues, which is the approach used by other indoor mapping vendors.  The maps and location content is far more accurate and detailed than traditional indoor maps.

Also, the data is more "complete," up to 30% more complete. The data for over 25 airports includes detailed data like check-in locations, ATM locations, shoes shine locations, vending machines and so on. The spectrum of content is much higher!  Their reality data capture technology creates detailed map geometry and context that solves real-world use cases, e.g., where can I buy an iPhone charger and how long it will take me to walk there.

An SDK is available to 3rd party developers so they can enable maps that can visually present everything including gate times and gate #.  The SDK also enables map and visual customizations. 

In addition to indoor maps for airports, LocusLabs also enables product search.  Users can search for headphones, coffee, etc and see on a map where they can buy it within the airport.  This searchable product info is already done for the 25 airports. 

This indoor mapping solution works with Beacon and other indoor location positioning solutions to enable the "blue dot" on its airport maps. 

The most common request from airports is to surface real time security wait times using Beacons so travelers can pick the fastest way through security. Airlines and airports alike have deep interest in passenger location analytics to provide location based information such as wayfinding, flight status, and more.

The focus right now is on airports at the moment, however, given the technology can enable product search, it can compete with the likes of aisle411 and Point Inside who enable retailers like Target, Lowes, Walgreens, etc with in-store product search. 


*This solution replaced the PointInside mapping platform used before in the United app. PointInside is getting out of the airline vertical and is focusing on the retail vertical now with customers like Lowes, Target, etc.