Patent # US 8990043 B1

Kris Kolodziej of IndoorLBS wrote this patent ( 2011, which was recently granted by the US Patent office, describing a system that determines the specific floor in a building on which a wireless mobile communication device is located. The location positioning determination is based on the device location information, specifically the system uses one or more databases, such as a building location database, a ground elevation database (i.e., Digital Elevation Model or DEM), a building floor height database, and/or an atmospheric air pressure database.

Location positioning systems which determine the location of wireless mobile communication devices focus only on the horizontal location of the device. This can create uncertainties and ambiguities when the wireless mobile communication device is located on a particular floor of a multi-floor building. Even knowledge of the elevation of the wireless mobile communication device may not be sufficient to enable the location of the wireless mobile communication device within the multi-floor building to be determined.

What's novel about this invention is the use of DEM and building models along with atmospheric pressure sensors in the device to determine the exact building floor level.

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