Shall we say wCommerce for Watch Commerce?  Target has an app available for the Apple Watch that helps shoppers in-store locate items from their shopping list.  The Shopping List feature is developed by Point Inside, as well as the in-store mapping module inside the mobile app. With the latter, given the larger screen size of an iPhone, users can see a map with store aisles and a pin for the product.  In addition, given that Target acquired an iBeacon company last year, we can expect more magic!   Want more info? email 

Target is promoting the app to help you make your next trip more efficient and even a little more fun: "The Target app makes it easy to build a shopping list on your Apple Watch. When you’re in the store, it tells you where to find all of the items you need."

• Add items to your list, including quantity, and check them off as you shop.
• See aisle locations for your store or ask where to find any item.
• Check the glance to see when your store is open, how many items are on your list, and how many have deals available.