Apple and IBM have announced "MobileFirst" offering for the Enterprise that includes the following solutions for the in-store retail industry (Note: 90% of revenue for retailers happens in-store; 10% happens online). 

  • Sales Assist - enables associates to connect with customer profiles, make suggestions based on previous purchases and current selections, check inventory, locate items in-store, and ship out-of-store items.
  • Pick & Pack - combines proximity-based technology with back-end inventory systems for transformed order fulfillment.

This is great news for iBeacons and In-Store Mapping. The app's user interface looks beautiful. However, how is IBM or Apple going to be able to map out all the retail stores to show the store map and the product location on it?  The only scalable solutions in the market today include aisle411, Micello, and Point Inside.  Is it time for one of these startups to be acquired? 

What do you think? 

IBM Apple iOS Retail app.png