Target just acquired a startup, Powered Analytics, which developed a solution for in-store personalization that syncs with in-store and with online activity. The solution builds an ad-hoc network of beacons that don't require configuration in contrast to other beacon solutions, which require detailed beacon placement and setup.

IndoorLBS has been tracking Powered Analytics in its Industry Market Report, which includes over 100 beacon solution providers. Powered Analytics had a unique approach to beacon depolyment, management, and usage. 

"PoweredAnalytics is democratizing predictive analytics with a cloud-based platform that enables companies to make predictions from big data," says Collin Otis, CEO. "Our machine learning and data mining platform delivers actionable data-driven insight that results in better decisions, more effective targeting, and less waste in business operations and marketing."

With this technology, Target is becoming a true Omni-Commerce retailer where its all about Physical store presence with Digital.