Rise of the Beacons

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Rise of the Beacons


The Micro-Location & Proximity IoT Revolution

This 130+ pages report covers over 110 companies that are involved with BLE Beacons. See which companies manufacture Beacon hardware, and which are agnostic and provide a CRM Platform.  In addition, there are now over 150,000 app developers using beacons in pursuit of micro-location & proximity services. This report also features over 45 Retailers including Macy's, Walmart, airports, and many other venues with their Beacons trials or full-scale deployments. See which beacon provider they have picked and what use cases and ROIs they provide. Any questions, email kris@indoorlbs.com

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As our iBeacons expert LinkedIn Group (link here) predicted, iBeacons are "really happening" and are not "a hype." And this predication was made before American Eagle, Apple, Macy's launched their iBeacon-compatible apps in Nov and Dec of 2013. Companies surveyed and interviewed include Estimote, Radius Networks, Gimbal, and many more! Find out which iBeacons hardware have been certified by Apple and approved by the FCC!  Also, see all the startups developing mobile commerce and proximity marketing platforms around iBeacons. 

Table of Contents
1. Intro 
iBeacons and Proximity Engagement & Monitoring 
Verticals and Applications
Consumer Privacy - NRF, Privacy Forum 
Current Deployments, Testbeds, Trials with iBeacons 
Hype or Really Happening - Survey from Industry Experts 
**Which iBeacons have been certified by Apple and approved by the FCC**
iBeacons Pricing,Cost, and Business Models from different vendors
2. BLE 
What is Bluetooth Low Energy 
iBeacons and iBeacon API 
Context-aware Apps with iBeacon 
Cost vs ROI 
iOS7, iOS8 
Apple Strategy 
Indoor Location, Mapping & Navigation (In-Store Mode)
Mobile Payments 
BLE: iOS vs Android vs Windows 
3. Over 100 Beacon Companies -  Hardware & Service Platform Providers
3.1 Company #1 
3.100 Company #100

4. Over 30 Retailers -  Use Cases, ROI, Solution Providers
341 Retailer #1 
4.30 Retailer #30