Enable mobile commerce at airports with searchable airport maps for businesses, products, and services.  Up to 35% of flights are delayed in the US every year. Travelers are eager to find out where to eat, drink, and get a massage at the airport to cope with flight delays. Engage them with useful information and exciting offers to make their experience more pleasant and less stressful. 

New engaging customer experiences!

Proximity Services for Shopping

Your loyal customers want to be notified in-store with relevant content. Engage them with new experiences on their smartphones. Everyone can appreciate a personal assistant on their own phone! Beacons allow you to trigger next-generation experiences at the right time, right place. 

Welcome your customers on their mobile

Macy's Beacon

Deployed Shopkick Beacon to trigger engaging customer experiences, resulting in increased conversion and sales

Help your customers browse your store


iBeacons enable a Personal Assistant right on the customer's smartphone!

Engage at the right time and place

Engage at the right time and place

Where is..

Product Locator is the answer to customer's most common question, "where can I find this item?"