Saturday, April 14, 2012

Market Report on Indoor Location Services - 120 Companies Featured!

Since 2003, IndoorLBS has been monitoring and evaluating the emerging indoor location services market. In 2006, IndoorLBS produced the groundbreaking book on indoor LBS, Local Positioning Systems: LBS Applications and Services. Today, indoor location is not in research labs anymore, and it is poised to be the next hot mobile service with its ability to enable indoor maps, wayfinding inside a venue, targeted mobile offers, user behavior inside stores and analytics, product search inside a store, and locating your lost child inside a mall.

This latest Indoor Location Market Research Report (Jan 2012 release) outlines over 120 companies doing indoor location services. Indoor location offers too many advantages for mobile technology companies to pass up, and this report shows who's doing what and how the industry is consolidating and evolving.

Learn about the business opportunities, revenue models, and outlook for the indoor location services industry from case studies and examples. More (including the sample) here.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Verizon enables Amazon Kindle Fire with location and map APIs

Verizon's NBI LocationKit and MapKit enable developers (for free) to develop LBS apps across OS platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Brew, Windows), not only on Verizon's devices, but also on other carrier's devices. Now, it also supports Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet.

This is big news since Amazon did not allow Google services (Google Location API, Google Maps, etc) to be placed on its tablet and developers had no real solution for location and or maps. Now they do with the NBI LBS SDK.

It is known that the Amazon Kindle fire tablet has no GPS chipset. The only way to get location positioning is via the WiFi chipset. NBI has it's own WiFi location services, as we wrote about it here.

See here how some developers are using NBI LocationKit and MapKit.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Google Indoor Maps & Indoor Location - update

Google Indoor Maps availability are currently available in about 60 selected locations in the U.S. and about 50 Japan. Check our report for the specific venues. Google is inviting business owners to upload a floor plan into the Google Map Service to add their venue in the list. Indoor Maps is available for end-users of Android 2.2 or above devices in Google Maps for mobile version 6.0 or above.

End of last year, Google launched indoor location capability to place the blue dot on the indoor map. In order to accelerate the deployment of its indoor location service, Google has just recently launched a crowd-sourcing Android app, the Google Maps Floorplan Marker, to allow users (i.e., business owners) to provide feedback about how accurate the Google Indoor Location service is for their venue. The app guides the user where to go inside the venue and do some WiFi scanning (and even Cell ID sniffing). This process collects the necessary data that Google needs to improve its indoor location service. Google is hoping these business users will help Google calibrate the Z-level (floor level) positioning challenge.

Any volunteers? It might be worthwhile for Google to implement a Rewards program, similar to what Navizon is doing and pay users to collect this data. This should really accelerate Google taking over the indoor world.